A solution for unwanted tattoos.

Tattoo removal treatments in New York City

Tattoo removal treatments in New York City

The vast majority of individuals who have tattoos are pleased with their skin markings. While people have many reasons for getting tattoos, people have just as many reasons for wanting to have them removed down the road. Many people have opted for tattoos over the years that have later led to regrets. From the name of a former partner to an aesthetic design you’ve outgrown, you may look upon a once-beloved tattoo as an unwanted reminder.


About unwanted tattoos

Because a tattoo is inked into the skin, it is often considered a “permanent” change that cannot be undone. The latest laser technology at Central Park Beauty in New York allows us to remove tattoos safely and effectively.

Central Park Beauty in New York removes tattoos safely and effectively.

The decision to get a tattoo removed may include:

Tired of the tattoo
Name inscribed you would rather forget
Tattoo not what you imagined
Occupational reasons
No longer represents who you are
Pressure from friends/family
Unhappy with faded tattoo appearance
Regret getting the tattoo

Don’t want your kids to see it
Conversion to a religion that forbids tattoos
Makes you feel self-conscious
Don’t like the message it coveys
Amateur quality tattoo
Errors in lettering or design
Preparation for a revision/cover-up