Laser Hair Removal

My Laser Hair Removal Journey

By Lucy Mann

Many moons ago, I would get waxes monthly: Brazilian, legs, armpits, you name it – I’ve probably had it waxed. Not all waxers are created equal so I cycled through quite a few until I found THE ONE. Only she didn’t use wax, she used sugar. Supposedly the sugaring was supposed to be less painful. I didn’t find that to be the case but she was extremely thorough/knowledgeable, and most importantly FAST. But I still had to show up monthly since I refused to shave. Cost-wise that ended up being $40 per month, if I was only doing Brazilian. That’s a lot of money over the course of several years.

Enter laser hair removal. I went on vacation to Hawaii with one of my best girlfriends, and I told her that since I couldn’t get an appointment with my sugaring lady I had to shave, and my skin WAS NOT taking it well. She raised her eyebrows at me and said: “Girl, why are you spending all that money on something that’s not permanent, just get lasered stupid.” When I thought about it financially, I would be saving more money by doing lasering than I was getting sugared. I think the upfront cost is what had deterred me initially but really 6-10 treatments over a year or two versus a monthly sugaring session every month for the rest of my life? Obviously, the lasering is more cost-effective. Now before you ask yes, you do have to get touch ups, but after those 6-10 sessions its once or twice a year. So I realized I would not only be saving money but TIME.

She already had me convinced at this point (I was already annoyed with my monthly appointment scheduling issues so it really didn’t take much) but then she told me to touch her skin where she had gotten the lasering done, her armpits were smooth as a baby’s bum. They also looked like they had been photo-shopped. That was that – I bought a Groupon and made an appointment.

My first lasering appointment was easy. It hurt less than waxing, and I had a Groupon so it was REALLY cheap. Drawback – after 3 sessions I didn’t notice any difference what so ever. This is where that whole “you get what you pay for” saying comes in. Read the reviews, make sure the place is legitimate and that clients see results. I was disappointed and disenchanted, but I knew it COULD work because I had seen my friend’s results. After moving out to New York from LA I decided to go with a very popular and well-advertised lasering company. It cost more, and it hurt more. Kind of like having a hot rusty knife plunged into my armpit. With each session, the pain lessened, as did the hair, and my skin looked great. Now I barely feel it, and my Brazilian hurts WAY less than my armpits did.

I think my only complaint is that would be that your hair has to be dark to get the lasering done. I have very light hair on my legs so I’m stuck spending 30 min shaving or 40 bucks getting a wax. Also, you have to stay out of the sun for two weeks before treatment and a few days afterward, depending on where you live this can be problematic. Winter ends up being when I get most of my treatments, but I do manage to fit some in the rest of the year. Other than that it really is super easy, and you can’t beat the results.

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