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Kybella in New York City


Kybella in New York City is a safe way to reduce stubborn, excess fat under the chin – also known as a double chin. Kybella® is a nonsurgical injectable that permanently destroys submental fat in the lower face. At Central Park Beauty in New York City, Kybella tightens, firms, and contours underneath your chin to improve your facial profile. Because that’s what we do, we’re central to you.


At Central Park Beauty,
we embrace every wrinkle,
lesion, and irregularity.

Our perception of beauty isn’t filtered by hyper realities, our focus is centered on you and your health – from the inside out.

Central Park Beauty takes the time
to understand your lifestyle, create a
unique plan for you, and improve your
overall health.

Kybella in New York City works to combat these factors.

Central Park Beauty offers Kybella, a noninvasive treatment to eliminate the appearance of your double chin.

Professional Treatments

Many men and women experience unwanted, excess body fat under their chin – also known as a double chin. Double chins occur when a layer of fat forms around your neck, sags and causes a crease. A double chin can be caused by both hereditary and lifestyle factors.

Procedure Time

30 - 45 minutes

Recovery Time

0 to 3 days

What Kybella Treats
  • Double chin
  • Excess fat

How does Kybella work?

Kybella® injectable treatments are derived from deoxycholic acid, which is a natural substance located in the body, and aids in the absorption and breakdown of fat.

When injected into the fatty tissues of the chin with a fine needle, the purified deoxycholic acid formulation destroys fat cells and permanently disables them from storing or accumulating fat.

How long does Kybella last?

For optimal results, individuals receive 2-4 treatments on average. However, once Kybella dissolves the fatty tissues you will obtain results that will typically last forever.

Minimally invasive option

Surgery used to be the only option to remove excess fat beneath the chin. Today, Kybella is a safer, less invasive treatment option.

Quick & painless

Kybella is a quick procedure which takes approximately 20 minutes to perform. Many patients say Kybella feels like a small pinch.


After repeated years of exposure to environmental factors like sun damage, cold temperatures, and dry winds – the skin will start to show the effects.

— Annie Price



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